Trump Kicks Off Work Week By Asserting Dictatorial Powers And Calling Mueller Probe ‘UNCONSTITUTIONAL’

The president claiming he can pardon himself came after his attorney Rudy Giuliani said Trump "probably has" the power to pardon himself.

You ever feel like we are just jumping from one dumpster fire to the next?

Over the weekend, the New York Times obtained and published a confidential memo sent by President Trump’s attorneys to Special Counsel Robert Mueller in which the president’s legal team argued Trump cannot obstruct justice while highlighting the president’s pardon powers. Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani followed this up by claiming the president “probably has” the power to pardon himself and declaring that even if Trump shot and killed James Comey, he couldn’t be indicted for murder.

So, with all that in the backdrop, it was an absolute given that the president would wake up Monday morning and get to tweetin’. And Executive Time was, as the kids like to say, lit.

After smearing terminally ill John McCain once again for voting against the Obamacare repeal bill, POTUS cited “numerous legal scholars” to assert he had the “absolute right to PARDON myself.”

Oh, but he wasn’t done. Following some more tweets in which he defended his recent trade policies — tweets that appeared to be influenced by watching Fox Business — Trump then went after the special counsel, as he is wont to do. This time around, he declared that the very appointment of Mueller was “UNCONSTITUTIONAL.”

So, yeah, the president is having a very normal one right now.


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