Van Jones Rips Ex-Trump Advisor For Saying POTUS Uses ‘Truthful Hyperbole’: We’re ‘Spinning The Spin Off The Spin’

Van Jones Rips Ex-Trump Advisor For Saying POTUS Uses ‘Truthful Hyperbole’: We’re ‘Spinning The Spin Off The Spin’

During a CNN panel discussion Wednesday afternoon, CNN political commentator Van Jones pushed back when a former Trump campaign advisor tried to brush off President Donald Trump’s tendency to lie at will by depicting it all as Trump telling the truth…but with panache.

After anchor Jake Tapper highlighted the numerous falsehoods and outright lies Trump uttered at his Tuesday night campaign rally, CNN political commentator and resident Trumper David Urban claimed that the president was engaging in “truthful hyperbole.” Urban went on to say that the president was justified to exaggerate about certain things because the economy was doing well and wages were growing.

Tapper interjected, asking Urban why Trump couldn’t just stick to the facts, leading the ex-Trump campaign official to stick to his talking point of the president just using hyperbole.

“You know, I remember when Trump first got elected, people started talking about 1984— about Orwell,” Jones jumped in. “We’re now having a conversation in which adults are going along with the idea that there’s something called truthful hyperbole.”

He continued, “If your kid came home and told you, dad, everything I told you about last night, it was truthful high hyperbole, you would say you’re lying. We are now in a world where we have a lower and lower standard for the commander in chief than we would accept from our spouse, a co-worker. We’re out here spinning the spin off the spin, and at some point, you have to say, as a conservative, this is not the right way for a grown man to conduct himself.”

Federalist writer and CNN contributor Mary Katharine Ham snarked that she tends to see “a lot of truthful hyperbole” in her Twitter feed before adding that the president lies about “big things” and “little things. She concluded by explaining that Trump supporters accept it is due to the media getting things wrong about him and conservatives for what they perceive to be for pushing an agenda.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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