CNN’s Brian Stelter: Kanye’s Rants A ‘Gift To Racists’ And Stuff ‘Usually Promoted By White Nationalists’

CNN’s Brian Stelter: Kanye’s Rants A ‘Gift To Racists’ And Stuff ‘Usually Promoted By White Nationalists’

Over the past week or so, rap megastar Kanye West has suddenly become a hero to the New Right after he tweeted out his appreciation for TPUSA’s Candace ‘Red Pill Black’ Owens, posted a photo of him wearing a MAGA cap, hung out with Owens and Charlie Kirk, and promoted a ‘Unite The Right’ grifter. The bond between Kanye and the far-right likely only got tighter after West and Owens did a TMZ Live interview that featured the hip-hop artists calling slavery a “choice” while exclaiming his love for Trump.

During a CNN International segment on Wednesday, CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter pointed out that while West’s recent actions feel like part of a PR tour, it appears to be backfiring in a big way. And much of that is due to West parroting talking points and arguments you normally hear from white supremacists.

“You look at the reaction to what Kanye West said on TMZ about slavery, he’s being roundly denounced — widely denounced for what he said,” Stelter noted. “And that interaction with the TMZ staffer really says it all so effectively.”

The CNN correspondent was referencing TMZ reporter Van Latham taking West to task over the rapper’s slavery comments, telling West that he needed to be more responsible with his words due to his platform while noting West’s words were extremely hurtful.

“Kanye West has been a brilliant entertainer,” Stelter stated. “But right now he’s acting like a gift to racists. Because he’s saying comments, he’s saying these ridiculous things that are usually promoted by white nationalists. By fringe groups, by fringe individuals — mostly on the internet — that promote racist ideas.”

Watch the clip below, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

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