Watch Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy Shout ‘Wow!’ And Applaud At The Possibility Of Monthly Trump Appearances

The Dooce was extremely giddy over the prospect of the president calling in once a month.

A day after President Donald Trump called into Fox & Friends to rant and rave for a half-hour while the hosts tried desperately (and failed) to get him to not sound like a crazy dude on a park bench, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway appeared on the program. And even though Trump’s call-in immediately caused him legal headaches, he apparently thinks it would be a good idea to make this a regular feature.

And, man, this made F&F’s Steve Doocy super excited.

“The president had a great time bringing his case directly to the American people,” Conway told the hosts, adding that “the president has said that he would like to, perhaps, come once a month and as news breaks.”

“WOW!!!” The Dooce exclaimed, applauding while his co-host Brian Kilmeade yelled “alright!”

Meanwhile, Conway puffed up the hosts a bit more by telling them the interview caused “buzz around the globe” while noting other outlets had to play clips from Fox News, which “must have been delicious for some of them.”

Anyway, Trump and Co. apparently though Thursday’s phoner was a raging success, and the president would sure like to do it some more in the future.

Watch the clip below, via ThinkProgress’s Aaron Rupar:


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