Update: Donald Trump Is Still The Antithesis Of Christianity

Update: Donald Trump Is Still The Antithesis Of Christianity

Donald Trump, as the poster boy for all seven of the classic deadly sins poetically observed by Christianity’s early desert father monastics, might just be the Biblical antichrist. Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride—Trump pursues them all!

So if Donald Trump is to be the Republican president, can the Republican Party consider itself Christian? Are Christians who vote for Trump really Christian? The hoops that Christian conservatives jump through while concocting complex, impersonal justifications for Donald Trump’s presidency are beautiful hypocrisy flowers, aren’t they?

Why did they vote for Trump? So he can bully America’s allies? So he can deport millions of people? So we don’t have to be politically correct or polite to each other anymore? Trump is the personification of never turning the other cheek. His karma reservoir is a pent up winding toy about to snap.

Let’s examine the seven deadly sins with which Trump’s existence is so fond:

Lust: Donald Trump has been divorced multiple times, and has published books describing his sexual hedonism. He bragged to impress Billy Bush that he used his celebrity to sexually assault women. A fresh sexual harassment lawsuit by a former Apprentice contestant is forcing him into court for his terrible personality once again. He has spent decades apparently pretending to be his own publicist in order to spread unrequested gossip suggesting inaccurately that A-list women have pursued him. He owned Miss Universe for two decades and liked to personally judge the contestants’ bodies during rehearsals. He also liked to walk in on the contestants while they were changing, some underage. And, most creepily of all, he has suggested that if he were not his daughter’s father he would be dating her. Seriously, peep the linksthey are very enlightening as to his character.

Of course, Trump denies much of this, denouncing journalistic efforts to publish perspective on his awful personality, but his rebuttals charge out like adolescent lies with the natural limitations of his middle school grammar level. But really, the video of Trump publicly imagining himself dating his daughter is a national embarrassment.

Gluttony: Trump’s home is narcissistically luxurious in a classical French style with gold-infused furniture that a 17th century absolutist monarch would admire with envy. Meanwhile, his Mar-A-Lago mansion, fleet of helicopters and airplanes, and yacht are hallmarks of his overindulgent lifestyle. Donald Trump is a working-class villain, not a hero. And, despite his storied life of casual objectification of women, he’s self-conscious enough about his gaining weight that he lies about it.

Jesus was not fond of overindulgence, and the New Testament suggests that today he would be Trump’s biggest critic, perhaps re-tweeting every one of Trump’s tweets with references to camels, needle eyes, and all the people Trump’s hyper-competitive existence hurts.

Greed: I don’t know where to begin.

Sloth: Not in that Trump is lazy, because Trump is obviously a busy man, but in his disinclination to strive for responsible intellectual faculty. Trump is going to be president, but he has hardly put in any effort to legitimately earn the top executive position in America’s democratic government and federal bureaucracy. It’s not like he ever personally involved himself in Republican politics, and neither has he put in the time working in any tier of public service. He’s just a shit-talker.

Even his own business career was handed to him, along with a fortune of a trust fund for which his only self-sufficient accomplishment was squandering it all. Not that he hasn’t overseen a host of failed businesses and Trump-branded products. Trump has misread and lost money in industries as varied as casinos, magazines, board games, steaks, universities, mortgages, airlines, vodka and travel booking. The only reason he makes money at all is because he passively licenses his name to other people and companies who actually can develop businesses and properties. The corporate profits he has made have been raised by screwing his workers and contractors.

Many of Trump’s business failures stem from his lack of interest in deeply understanding complex issues. Trump visibly lacks a presidential curiosity, which may translate into electoral charisma, but it suggests political ineligibility because he has no concrete political convictions. A person who reacts to all stimuli with self-centered focus cannot govern adequately a diverse nation of 320 million people. He talks incessantly about himself. His knowledge of the news is disproportionately dependent on cable news opinionators, and tiny-message Twitter is his favorite medium with which to articulate his thoughts.

For being elected president, Trump has not tried very hard at public service throughout his life, and there are no indications that he will begin to try. We have a mental sloth leading us.

Wrath: Trump is not kind to detractors, and routinely threatens to sue anyone who publicly doubts his net worth. He has promised to “open up” libel laws to make it easier to sue journalists. He tried to sue Bill Maher for $5 million when the comedian satirically insinuated that Trump’s father was an orangutan. Trump’s whole divisive campaign has been speculated to be in part the result of Trump taking offense to infamous White House Correspondents’ Dinner jokes mocking him for looking like a fool (and a racist) by cheerleading the fraudulent Obama Birther conspiracy for conspicuous future political aspirations.

Trump’s self-consciousness and shallowed sense of worth when the news criticizes him provokes his desire for vengeance easily. His campaign has threatened to expel journalists from the White House completely. Constant litigation has been his weapon of choice for revenge as well as general dick moves, and he has been involved in 3,500 lawsuits “fighting everyone from the government to the vodka makers.”

Envy: Trump’s personality has been argued to be envious of historical figures such as Benito Mussolini, Adolph Hitler, Louis XIV, and Emperor Palpatine.

Pride: Trump loves Donald Trump. His campaign is fueled with verbal assurances that he is the best at things, that he has the best people, that he has very little debt, that he will singularly make America great again, and that he has neither small hands nor a small penis. Trump cannot get enough of Donald Trump.

         *      *      *

Donald Trump could be exhibited as the antithesis of Christianity, and he appears to be a big fan of all the seven deadly sins. It’s ironic that Trump is following President Obama, who proved many Christian conservatives mistaken in their suspicions when he turned out not to be the antichrist. Donald Trump certainly is a better candidate for Biblical antichrist, though they still voted for him.

If Election 2016 was a Christian test in morality, Christian conservatives failed it. I really do not think they fully understand their religion.

Levi Olson

Levi Olson

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