Reminder: Trump Pays No Income Taxes To The Country He Will Be President Of

Reminder: Trump Pays No Income Taxes To The Country He Will Be President Of

I hope this doesn’t ruin the rest of your day, but here’s a patriotic reminder that President-Elect Donald Trump is about to be inaugurated president of a country to which he does not choose to pay income taxes.

He lost so much money in one year (almost a billion dollars) that he has allegedly been able to avoid paying income taxes for about two decades. Team Trump has both denied this and admitted to it on various occasions, but he still refuses to release his tax returns. Interestingly, he once blamed Hillary Clinton as the person responsible for his not paying income taxes.

As usual with Trump’s ever-lurking scandals of integrity, though, he could prove otherwise if he simply released his tax returns according to journalistic demand, public expectation and bipartisan electoral precedence…but he’s not going to, is he?

Such terrible PR comes with his refusal, for example: Donald Trump is going to be commander-in-chief of service men and women whose wellbeing he does not proportionally provide for when they get hurt protecting our nation. Because he stiffs America.

One generous thing Trump has done is decline to accept a presidential salary, however, his D.C. Hotel, events at Mar-a-Lago, the fact that he’s still hawking his Trump brand products, and his multitude of Trump properties around the world collectively suggest that Trump will be profiting handsomely throughout his presidency… and not paying the taxes he deserves to pay.

Levi Olson

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