Donald Trump: I Don’t Like Tweeting But I Have To Because Of The Dishonest Media

Trump claimed he actually does not like using Twitter

President-elect Donald Trump has claimed in an interview that he does not like using Twitter, despite his constant use of the social media site to communicate with his supporters and attack those who criticize him. Trump blamed the media for his use of the site.

“Look, I don’t like tweeting, I have other things I could be doing,” Trump told Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt. “But I get very dishonest media, very dishonest press,” the president-elected said.

“It’s my only way that I can counteract,” Trumps aid. “Like, for instance, John Lewis said he’s never done it before, where he skipped inauguration. Well, he has, it turned out to be a lie so I’m able to say that.”

“Now, if there press were honest, which it’s not, I would absolutely not use Twitter,” he said. “I wouldn’t have to.”

Trump also used the interview to criticize civil rights hero and Georgia Congressman John Lewis, who said he did not believe Trump was a legitimate president due to Russian meddling in the election campaign. More than 50 Democrats have decided to boycott Trump’s inauguration and many will join protests against Trump on Friday instead.

You can watch some of the interview below.

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Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.