Donald Trump Announces His 2020 Campaign Slogan: Keep America Great!

Donald Trump Announces His 2020 Campaign Slogan: Keep America Great!

President-elect Donald Trump has announced his campaign slogan for the 2020 presidential election. Two days before his inauguration as president, Trump seems to be setting himself up for his re-election. Preparing for the next election before even taking office is an unusual move.

Trump told The Washington Post that his slogan for 2020 will be ‘Keep America Great!’ Trump’s decision to discuss such a small detail of a potential re-election bid may be another example of his self-confidence. It certainly seems like Trump won’t be going anywhere soon.

Immediately after unveiling his new slogan, Trump called for his lawyers to decide if this slogan had to be trademarked and wondered if the exclamation point would be needed. Though the comments were most likely off the cuff, there is an obvious sense of audacity in making such a statement.

Most presidents do not discuss running for a second term until the end of their first term is approaching. But Trump has sometimes spoken of his eight years in office as if re-election is a foregone conclusion. It is highly likely Trump will seek a second term, even if he has not made America ‘great again’.

Trump’s obvious sense of certainty that his campaign slogan will be put into action will please his supporters but the unpopularity of his transition efforts and his tendency toward online feuds may undermine his agenda.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.