Experts Call For Recounts In Key Swing States Due To Possible Computer Manipulation

Some computer scientists are questioning the results of the election

A group of computer scientists have called on Hillary Clinton’s team to challenge the results of the election in three key swing states. Votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin may have been electronically manipulated, according to several experts.

The group includes voting rights activists and cyber security experts who claim they have found evidence voting was hacked in all three states. Analysis of vote tallies in Wisconsin showed irregularities that call into question the outcome of that state’s vote.

The key issue is voting machines. In Wisconsin counties that depend more heavily on electronic voting machines, Clinton won 7 percent fewer votes than in counties that used more paper ballots. Though this may be coincidental, the group of computer scientists analyzing the data believe it shows potential vote rigging.

Wisconsin alone would not be enough to change the outcome of the election in Clinton’s favor, but if all three states were hacked this would open a path to a serious electoral challenge. Donald Trump’s victory in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan was the big shock on election night. If the unexpected result in those states was a result of electronic manipulation, the whole election could be turned upside down.

During the campaign, Trump claimed several times that the election was rigged while he denied that Russia had hacked the Democratic National Committee. If the claims of voting irregularities prove true, Trump’s reaction will be a decisive factor in the nation’s well-being.

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.

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