Bill Maher: Donald Trump Is On Message If The Message Is ‘I’m F*cking Insane’

Bill Maher: Donald Trump Is On Message If The Message Is ‘I’m F*cking Insane’

Bill Maher hopes his audience will be happy next week when the presidential election is over, but he’s still nervous about the outcome. On Real Time with Bill Maher last night, the comedian took aim at the media for treating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as just as bad as each other.

“I am so anxious, for the first time in my life I smoked my medical marijuana for legitimate medical reasons,” Maher said. “This election – wow. I feel like I’m waiting for the x-rays to come back. See if that spot on my lung is really nothing or…”

“There are amoeba under the ice on Mars saying ‘Oh, this could be bad for us,'” Maher joked. Maher talked about the need for high voter turnout among women and minorities. “Will the undecided voters figure out before the election shoe goes on what foot?”

“It’s not fucking funny,” Maher said. “There is a slow moving right-wing coup going on. Media, do your fucking job! The FBI has become politicized. They’re calling it Trumplandia. There’s a faction in it that’s politicized and trying to sabotage Hillary’s campaign because they’re convinced that she is the Devil.”

“We have reached peak insanity here,” Maher said. “The Russians are creating fake documents to discredit the Hillary campaign and the Trump campaign is tweeting them out as if they are real. Republicans are trying to elect a sexually assaulting psychopath who is, if not a Russian agent, unwittingly working as one.”

Maher discussed Trump’s claim that Hillary Clinton would bring 650 million immigrants into the US in her first week – twice the US population. “And the pundits said Trump is on message,” Maher said. “If the message is ‘I’m fucking insane. We are so through the looking glass.”


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.