Keith Olbermann: This Election Is Too Important To Vote Third Party

Keith Olbermann: This Election Is Too Important To Vote Third Party

Keith Olbermann made an appeal to voter considering a third party vote in the presidential election today. In his latest YouTube video for GQ Olbermann made the case for choosing Hillary Clinton this year and working on changing the system once Donald Trump was out of the picture.

“This is really simple,” Olbermann said, speaking directly to voters. “If you vote for Gary Johnson or you vote for Jill Stein, you need to assume that it will be the last presidential vote you get to cast. I’m not being symbolic, I’m not being hyperbolic, I am pointing out simple realities.”

“Whatever is wrong with Donald Trump emotionally or psychiatrically, the healthiest diagnosis would be probably be extreme anger management problems,” Olbermann said. “The man is a bigot. He has shown no commitment to free elections in this country. He is a bully with severe anger management problems combined with a desire to have and use nuclear weapons and he’s running, not for president, but for dictator.”

“Your vote for Stein or Johnson might as well be a vote for Trump,” Olbermann said. “It will have the same effect.” Olbermann praised those who wanted to change the two party system but he said that ideological ideas about reform had to take a back seat to stopping Trump.

“What if you vote for Johnson or Stein and Trump gets elected?” Olbermann asked. “The point this year is not ‘Are you compromising your beliefs?’. The point this year is that you could elect a president who will compromise your beliefs for you.”

You can watch below.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.