Reasons Why Trump Doesn’t Deserve US Citizenship, Should Be Deported

Reasons Why Trump Doesn’t Deserve US Citizenship, Should Be Deported

Donald Trump is inspiring the worst societal behavior in an embarrassingly large segment of the American population. He has been accurately described as a “cancer,” and his presidential campaign is antithetical to most of America’s most cherished ideals of equality and civil decency.

Meanwhile, he promises to deport millions of people out of America, a plan that seems to necessarily require the construction of concentration camps—which happen to have a historically negative legacy. Trump’s blatant racism aimed at Mexican-Americans is textbook fascist scapegoatism, and Trump’s immigration war hawkery, if enacted, will forever be a disgraceful stain on the history of America.

So maybe we deport Trump instead? The rationale is wide-ranging:

  • He doesn’t pay an income tax, so he doesn’t pay his fair share for the military and police protection, roads and airports, safe food and water, etc. that he enjoys as an American citizen.
  • He is America’s biggest bully, name-calling our country as a “disaster,” a “hellhole,” and a “cripple.”
  • He has respect for neither American rule of law nor the Constitution (particularly the 1st and 4th amendments).
  • He doesn’t respect America’s women, and is admittedly a sexual threat to them.
  • He vandalizes cities by sociopathically branding his name on everything he can (Chicago, seriously: pass a law that will scrub his self-defamed name off your skyline).
  • He wants to imprison his political opposition, and has implied that his supporters should shoot Hillary Clinton or refuse to accept the legitimacy of her (likely) presidency.
  • He’s currently holding one of America’s two major political parties hostage in an electoral hijacking.
  • He has screwed over and cheated contractors and business partners for decades.
  • He routinely hires foreign workers instead of Americans.
  • He has a pathological need to lie to America about his obviously fake hair.

In conclusion, Trump is an insurrectionist, sexual, and cultural threat to America. Maybe we should deport him instead of millions of integrated Mexican immigrants.

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.

Levi Olson

Senior political columnist here at Contemptor, and a political scientist proving that American conservatism is a sham. Follow me on Tumblr at or on Facebook & Twitter @theleviolson.