Keith Olbermann: Sean Hannity ‘Has Bet The Farm’ On Trump And He’s Losing

Keith Olbermann: Sean Hannity ‘Has Bet The Farm’ On Trump And He’s Losing

Keith Olbermann mercilessly attacked Fox News’ Sean Hannity in his YouTube segment for GQ today. Olbermann mocked Hannity for his hypocrisy and amorality in a video where he also criticized Joe Scarborough and Bill O’Reilly for ‘gambling’ on Donald Trump.

Olbermann discussed the changes in betting patterns on the presidential election following Monday night’s debate. He showed how betting has shifted in Hillary Clinton’s favor since Trump’s poor performance. Olbermann argued that professional gamblers who were ‘putting their money where their mouth is’ were a better indicator of how the race was going than pollsters who had nothing to lose.

“The gamblers have skin in the game,” Olbermann said. “Of course, so do others, in a different way. And many of them are also gambling but maybe for bigger stakes still.” Olbermann then did a mocking impression of Sean Hannity criticizing his ‘friends in the media’ for having expensive tastes and chauffeur-driven cars, despite the fact that Hannity enjoys similar benefits.

“Oh Sean, you don’t have any friends.” Olbermann said. “But Sean Hannity is one of of those media types who has bet the farm – in his case, a very very very very large farm – on Donald Trump.” Olbermann explained that while Bill O’Reilly has hedged his bets, Hannity has gone all in.

Olbermann described the ‘putrid Joe Scarborough’ for advising Trump and trying to ‘normalize’ his campaign. “I heard that last Christmas, Joey Scars was not chosen to be Trump’s vice-president.” Olbermann said. He compared Scarborough to German chancellor Franz Von Papen, who foolishly facilitated the rise of Adolf Hitler.

You can watch the piece below.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.