Scarborough On Gary Johnson: “You Can Smoke Pot And Listen To The Radio At The Same Time!”

Scarborough On Gary Johnson: “You Can Smoke Pot And Listen To The Radio At The Same Time!”

As you likely know by now, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson had another jawdropping gaffe on Wednesday evening. During an MSNBC town hall forum with Hardball’s Chris Matthews, Johnson had a self-described “Aleppo moment” when he blanked on naming even one current or former world leader whom he admired. Eventually, with the help of Matthews and his running mate Bill Weld, he was able to finally name former Mexico President Vicente Fox.

During Thursday’s broadcast of Morning Joe, the panel discussed Johnson’s embarrassing moment and, as you’d guess, had a bunch of fun at his expense, especially considering that Johnson’s original big-time gaffe — not knowing what Aleppo is — came on their program. After playing the clip, co-host Joe Scarborough went all-in on calling Johnson completely unqualified for the job of president, noting his “children can answer these questions.”

Calling Johnson “completely ignorant,” JoeScar then brought up Johnson’s well-known proclivity for pot-smoking:

“Does he not read the newspapers? Does he not listen to the radio? Does he not watch TV? You can smoke pot and listen to the radio at the same time!”

Fellow panelist, New York Times columnist Nick Confessore, pointed out that Johnson’s ignorance on foreign affairs isn’t going to hurt him with his true base because they see him as a protest vote anyway. Willie Geist then chimed in and mentioned that he actually checked on Johnson’s weed habit because he was “astounded” by his response. He discovered that earlier this summer, Johnson said he would stop smoking during the campaign. Many on the panel questioned if that was actually the case.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


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