Ex-GOP Congressman Allen West: Blacks Would Be Better Off If We Brought Back Segregation

Ex-GOP Congressman Allen West: Blacks Would Be Better Off If We Brought Back Segregation

One thing that we’ve learned over the year with Fox News is they have a whole cavalcade of black conservatives they can toss on the air at a moment’s notice in order to insulate them from being described as racist. Whenever they want to make a point about the black community that would sound downright Klan-ish coming from a white mouth, they just push forth one of their conservative black guys on retainer and let him say it.

Now, there’s a whole list of pundits they rely on (Kevin Jackson, Jesse Lee Peterson, David Clarke, Larry Elder) but their favorite is Allen West. The former one-term Republican Congressman has carved out a little niche for himself as a grifter of the Sarah Palin variety¬†since suffering defeat during his re-election bid in 2012. In the past few years, he’s made a living via punditry, pretending he may get involved in politics again and shitting all over black people.

During an appearance on Fox Business’s Varney and Co., West noted that Donald Trump and the GOP are the only ones speaking about real issues when it comes to the African-American community. Blaming the supposed downfall of blacks in America on Democratic policies, West then made the bold claim that perhaps we should bring back segregation.

Via Media Matters:


ALLEN WEST: They are not discussing the real issues. What they continue to do, especially on the case of the Democrat[ic] Party — the progressive socialist left — is they obfuscate, they deny, they lie about the real issues. You know, we need to talk about the restoration of the family in the black community. When I was born in 1961, between 75 to 77 percent of the households had two parents. Today, it’s at 24 percent, and you can trace that right back to a failed policy from Lyndon Johnson, where the government provided checks to women who had children out of wedlock as long as they did not have a man in the home.

STUART VARNEY (HOST): Allen, can I just jump in for a second here? What’s your solution to that problem, children out of wedlock or without two parents at home? What’s your solution; is it a withdrawal of the welfare state?

WEST: Well, yeah. I mean, Jason Riley wrote a great book, he is a Wall Street Journal editor, saying “please stop helping us.” You know, the black community was stronger it seems during the issues of segregation; when you had families that where intact, when you had communities that were standing up, when you had better education opportunities. I think that is another important thing.


Yup. We need to go back to the Fifties when everything was idyllic and a black man knew damn well to step into the gutter and bow his head when a white man approached him on the sidewalk. Also, when blacks should be happy they had their own drinking fountains, bathrooms and schools. And as long as black folks didn’t mind the occasional lynching or ten, everything was perfect.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:



Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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