Black Pastor Tells Fox: Donald Trump Is Not A Racist Because ‘There Is No Such Thing As Racism’

Black Pastor Tells Fox: Donald Trump Is Not A Racist Because ‘There Is No Such Thing As Racism’

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a critic of Rev. Jesse Jackson and personal friend of Sean Hannity, has weighed in on Donald Trump’s history of racial discrimination in housing. Peterson told Fox Business’ Stuart Varney that racism simply does not exist in the United States.

“Without a doubt, Donald Trump is not a racist,” Peterson said. “And it is interesting that Hillary Clinton, after 30 years of knowing Donald Trump, he has never been accused of being racist, and why is it now that he is running against Hillary Clinton that he is called racist?”

Varney pointed out that Trump was investigated in the 1970s for refusing to rent to African-Americans. Trump tried to dodge the issue during Monday’s debate by saying he settled out of court without an admission of guilt. Trump also claimed that since many people were investigated for similar housing discrimination, it was not a big issue.

“You know, I have refused to rent apartments to certain black folks in this country and I am not racist,” Peterson said. “I have to tell you Stuart, there is no such thing as racism. ‘Racism’ or ‘racist’ is a word that’s been made up by the race hustlers, like Hillary Clinton and others, in order to keep black Americans angry and keep them on the plantation of the Democratic Party.”

“Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are desperate right now, because they know that a lot of black folks do not like Hillary Clinton. They liked Bill for a while, but they do not like Hillary. They don’t trust her, so they’ll use that word to manipulate black Americans in order to vote for Hillary.”

Peterson has a long and controversial history. He organized a ‘National Day of Repudiation of Jesse Jackson’ for five years. In 2005, Peterson called Hurricane Katrina victims ‘lazy’ and ‘immoral’. He has also spoken out against the Nineteenth Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.