GOP Lawmaker Can’t Believe Obama Made A Morgan Freeman Joke After Charlotte Protests

GOP Lawmaker Can’t Believe Obama Made A Morgan Freeman Joke After Charlotte Protests

When your whole occupation centers on phony outrage and hating the current resident of the White House, you occasionally have to reach beyond your normal bag of trick to find something to be appalled about when it comes to Obama. On Thursday, one Congressman found a way to be incensed over a joke about Morgan Freeman.

Earlier in the day, President Obama was honoring the most recent recipients of the National Medal of Arts, which included Freeman and Mel Brooks. Well, Freeman couldn’t make it to the ceremony, so Obama made a pretty decent little crack about the Oscar winner going off and playing another black president and how he never lets Obama have his moment.

You can watch the bit below:



Apparently, this was just way too much for Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) to handle, seeing how a bunch of “hoodlums” and “criminals” destroyed the fabric of America the night before and should therefore be shot by “law-abiding Americans.”



Man, who knew that Huelskamp was such a SJW. I didn’t know he was someone who could be easily triggered over a micro-aggression like this. Please, someone, find Timmy a safe space.

Seriously, though, what the hell? One, how is this even somewhat related to the protests in Charlotte or the events that led to them? Two, you don’t think the fist black president can crack a joke about someone who is famous for playing black presidents on screen? Three, doesn’t it get tiresome to constantly say those who’ve actually experienced racism are the real racists? Four, at the very least, try harder next time. This was such a pathetic attempt at faux outrage it would have made Sarah Palin shake her head.

Justin Baragona

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