Trump’s Latest Appeal To Black Voters Is He’ll Impose Nationwide Stop-And-Frisk Policy

During a town hall on African-American issues that will air on Fox News, Trump said he'd require all police departments to do stop-and-frisk.

I guess this was the reason why Donald Trump’s town hall on African-American concerns was in front of an almost entirely white crowd.

While taping the event that will appear on Fox News Wednesday evening, Trump was asked a question about how he would stop violence in the black community. Trump’s answer was that he would put into place a policy that has already been ruled unconstitutional and is absolutely hated by minorities.



Yep. The day after violent protests rocked Charlotte after a black man was shot by police who were there to serve a warrant to someone else, following up the heartbreaking story of n unarmed man in Tulsa being shot dead by a cop with his hands raised up, Trump’s proposal is to impose a nationwide harassment of black people.

Yeah, that should go over like gangbusters.

Of course, while this was supposed to be a forum to address black issues, this is really all about shoring up white conservative votes. The town hall will air on Fox News and was moderated by Trump sycophant Sean Hannity. Only about one percent of Hannity’s viewing audience is black.

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