Trump Believes Blacks Had It Better During Slavery And Jim Crow Than They Do Now

Trump Believes Blacks Had It Better During Slavery And Jim Crow Than They Do Now

And Donald Trump wonders why he’s having a hard time attracting black voters.

During a speech on Tuesday in North Carolina, the GOP nominee went on a tangent about the conditions of black communities. Parroting previous comments he’s made about the inner cities and his belief that all African-Americans live in squalor, the Republican standard-bearer made the following remarks:



“We’re gonna rebuild our inner cities because our African-American communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they’ve ever been in before. Ever ever ever.”

Yup. Under President Obama, black people have had it far worse than when they were dealing with lawful segregation and discrimination, like during Jim Crow. Or, y’know, when they were enslaved for hundreds of years. (Also, notice the plantation owner-ish language he uses here — “OUR African-Americans.” As if he’s the benevolent slave owner.)

As one would expect, there was quite a reaction to those remarks on Twitter:


Keep up with the black outreach, Oh Glorious Birther King. I’m sure there’s one or two African-Americans you haven’t repulsed yet.

Justin Baragona

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