Chris Christie: Tim Kaine Should Be Ashamed For Saying Trump Incited Violence Against Clinton

Chris Christie: Tim Kaine Should Be Ashamed For Saying Trump Incited Violence Against Clinton

New Jersey Governor Christ Christie was deployed to defend Donald Trump’s outrageous comments yet again last night. This time, Christie was trying to explain how Trump was not winking at violence when he suggested that Hillary Clinton’s secret service detail should be disarmed to ‘see what happens’.

“He [Trump] was trying to make a point about Hillary Clinton wanting to have one set of rules for herself and another set for the American people,” Christie said. This has been a persistent theme throughout the Trump campaign – that if Clinton wants stricter gun control, she should lose armed protection.

Christie then addressed Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, who said Trump’s comments were a clear incitement to violence against the Democrat. Christie said Kaine should be ‘ashamed of himself’ and claimed Kaine’s comments show the desperation in the Clinton campaign.

“When a race gets tight, even a guy like Tim Kaine gets desperate … It shows how desperate and scared the Clinton campaign is right now,” Christie said. Trump is closing on Clinton in several key states with around 50 days until the election but every reliable projection shows Clinton winning the White House.

Trump has accused Clinton of wanting to abolish the Second Amendment despite a complete lack of evidence. Clinton is in favor of more comprehensive gun control laws, including a ban on gun sales to people on the terror watch list and no fly list.

The idea that Clinton should not be entitled to armed security if she opposes gun rights for average Americans is a common theme on the right. However, most US gun owners don’t have the same firearms training as secret service agents and most Americans are not in as much immediate danger of assassination as presidential candidates.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.