“He Mewed Like A Kitten”: CNN Commentator Mocks Trump For Cowering At Flint Church

“He Mewed Like A Kitten”: CNN Commentator Mocks Trump For Cowering At Flint Church

During a panel discussion on CNN Thursday, Democratic strategist and CNN contributor Paul Begala taunted Republican nominee Donald Trump for waiting until the next day to attack a pastor for stopping him from making a political speech at her church.

See, Trump visited Flint on Wednesday and attempted to continue Black Panderfest 2016 by going to a predominately black church. While delivering a standard Hillary-bashing speech, Pastor Green Faith Timmons corrected him, telling the real estate mogul her pulpit wasn’t the venue for political muckraking. Trump, like a classic bully, quietly acquiesced, only to appear the next morning on Fox & Friends to lash out at the preacher, saying she set him up and was a nervous wreck.

On CNN, Begala and loyal Trumpkin Jeffrey Lord had a bit of a back and forth over the entire situation. Lord predictably defended Dear Leader, saying Pastor Faith Timmons should have known Trump would make a political speech because he’s a presidential candidate. He further praised Trump for being true to his character, unlike Clinton, who he said would have just pandered to her audience. Finally, he parroted Trump, saying the pastor planned on setting Trump up.

Begala took umbrage to all of that, pointing out that Trump is a bully in the worst sense in that he cowers when confronted and waits until he gets to his safe space to lash out.

“So then the pastor, Rev. Green Faith Timmons, stops him. She is poised and strong, yes, but calm. She’s not calling him names or criticizing him. And he backs off right away. He’s like a frightened little boy because he’s a bully and inside every bully is a coward. He mewed like a kitten, and when he’s confronted by a strong woman, he backs down…But then what does he do? When she’s not there, then he attacks her later…He’s a coward. He’s a wimp.”

Usually, Begala is as vanilla as it comes. He’s pretty much a slightly tougher version of Alan Colmes when it comes to his television commentary. So it was pretty refreshing to see this kind of balls-out attack on Trump today.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Raw Story:


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