Only On Fox: Two White Conservative Guys Debate Whether Hillary Should Smile Or Not

During a segment of On The Record, Brit Hume and Tucker Carlson decided that Clinton should stop whining about sexism when told to smile by men.

Where to begin, other than saying “Of course” when pointing out this happened on Fox News.

After RNC chairman Reince Priebus came under fire for a tweet saying Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton came across as mean and aggressive and didn’t smile, Fox News ran a segment that featured two white conservative guys debating whether it was fair to criticize her for not smiling.

Now, let’s just start off that this has been an ongoing trend for months now when it comes to Clinton’s demeanor and tone. For the most part, conservative dudes have felt the need to constantly tell Hillary that she needs to bring her voice down, appear more pleasant, SMILE and come across as less shrill. One of those offenders, Brit Hume, decided it was a good idea to do a segment on the subject Friday night.

Hume, the temporary host of On The Record since Greta Van Susteren skedaddled, brought on Daily Caller publisher and Fox & Friends Weekend host Tucker Carlson to debate the merits of criticizing Clinton for not smiling. And it went exactly as you’d expect.

Carlson said Clinton should stop whining about sexism because it works against her best self-interests. He said it was cool that she doesn’t smile and that she should just be stern and serious all the time, but for god sake, stop the whining. Y’know, like a nagging housewife.

Meanwhile, Hume brought up his own experience on publicly recommending that Hillary smile more and bring it down a notch on the stage. Outside of playing the victim of the screeching online left, he mentioned numerous times that Clinton comes across as “unsmiling” and angry. Got to get the point across.

Oh, and you know who wasn’t part of this segment. A woman! But you knew that already. MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin noticed this right away.


Below is video of the discussion, courtesy of Fox News:


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