NY Daily News: Trump Losing Every State Where He Has A Golf Course

NY Daily News: Trump Losing Every State Where He Has A Golf Course

The New York Daily News is no fan of Donald Trump. The Daily News has run headline after headline panning Trump and his voters. They’ve called him stupid, a bigot and a danger to the United States. Now the New York newspaper has a new take on Trump’s difficulties – his golf courses.

On Labor day, a usually slow day for news, the Daily News reported that Trump is losing in every state where he has a golf course with his name on it. Trump has 12 golf courses in six states, according to the newspaper and he’s trailing in the polls in every single one.

The Daily News article clearly tries to link Trump’s business practices with his poor poll ratings in New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. Trump is trailing in all these states, though three are solid blue, while Virginia and North Carolina are trending strongly towards the Democrats. Most polls show Clinton leading slightly in Florida but experts say it is basically a toss up.

“Trump compared renovating a golf course to managing a country, and acknowledged that some people who live near his golf clubs usually aren’t too happy about it,” the Daily News reported in a tongue-in-cheek article that referred to Trump as a ‘billionaire bigot’. Though Hillary Clinton’s lead in the six states mentioned in the article has more to do with serious political issues and demographics, the NY Daily News made hay with the coincidence.

The newspaper claimed that ‘Trump spawn’ Eric Trump promised to make a golf course ‘great again’ following a lawsuit against his father. The Daily News has provided some of the most entertaining headlines of the campaign and as long as Trump remains in the race, the New York tabloid will always provide something to read on slow news days.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.