Fox’s Stuart Varney: Trump Can’t Go To Black Communities Because Of “Violent Demonstrations”

Fox’s Stuart Varney: Trump Can’t Go To Black Communities Because Of “Violent Demonstrations”

A few days ago, responding to the criticism that Donald Trump’s recent appeals to African-American voters are disingenuous due to him doing them in mostly-white communities, former campaign manager turned CNN pundit Corey Lewandowski tossed out a reason. See, Trump can’t go to black communities because they’re just way too dangerous. He used the protests that canceled a March Chicago rally as a prime example. (Of course, the college campus where the event was to be held has an 8% black enrollment, undercutting Corey’s point.)

Lewandowski was appropriately ridiculed by both the panelists he shared the air with and pretty much everyone else who watched the segment. However, that didn’t stop one certain Fox personality from parroting them during a Wednesday broadcast.

While speaking to Allen West — yeah, THAT dude — Fox Business’s Stuart Varney wanted to know if Trump had made the “right appeal” to minority voters over the past week. After West applauded The Donald for cravenly pandering to blacks and Hispanics, he did note that it won’t matter much if he doesn’t actually go to those communities and address them face to face.

Varney didn’t think that was such a good idea:

“But would he get a fair hearing, Allen? Allen, would he be shouted down? Would there be maybe some violent demonstrations if he did do that?”

So, a couple of thoughts here. One, according to Stu, politicians should only ever go where they expect to be warmly received and expect absolutely no backlash or disagreement. Only speak directly to the choir. Two, black and brown people are not only inherently violent, but they are also rude and will just shout and act a fool if Trump came near them.

And conservatives wonder why they can’t appeal to minorities.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:



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