Rick Perry Has Brilliant Plan To Help Trump Rise In Polls — Attack Khan Family Some More!

During an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, the former Texas Governor told Khizr Khan "shame on you" for criticizing Donald Trump in the first place.

For some reason, even though it is the one thing that most likely caused Donald Trump’s precipitous fall in the polls these past few weeks, Trump surrogates have decided to renew attacks on a Gold Star family. Following up New York Trump campaign co-chair Carl Paladino’s comments saying Khizr Khan didn’t deserve to be a Gold Star parent and that he was probably a terrorist, ex-Texas Governor Rick Perry said the Khans had it coming by criticizing Trump in the first place.

Speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday afternoon, the two-time failed presidential candidate and current Trump supporter railed against Mr. Khan, stating that he shouldn’t expect a “free ride” since he inserted himself in the political conversation with his DNC speech.

“In a campaign, if you’re going to go out and think that you can take a shot at somebody and not have incoming coming back at you, shame on you…Because he had a son that was lost in this war against terror, that gives him a free ride to say whatever he would like against a candidate that he is not for? That is not proper. That is not correct.”

Besides mangling the 1st Amendment — yeah, Rick, Khan does have a right to say what he wants, regardless of what happened to his son — saying “shame on you” to someone who sacrificed a child to this country is really not a good look. Especially when your candidate is a five-time draft dodger whose own sons failed to give a minute of service to the military (or any public service).

Beyond all that, just what in the blue hell is Perry thinking here? I mean, he had his smart glasses on, shouldn’t that have helped him realize that this is a no-win scenario? Seriously, Trump is now down by seven points nationally in the RealClearPolitics average. Swing states have turned into solid Blue ones while Red states are suddenly becoming toss-ups. Hell, even Texas is now showing up as a potential Hillary win.

And why is that? Well, a whole torrent of reasons. But, after the Republican convention, Trump and Clinton were effectively tied. After the DNC, Hillary experienced an inevitable bump…but then that bump became a surge that hasn’t stopped. And it started with Trump going after the Khans.

And, here we are, with Trump’s guys deciding to revisit that grand idea. This should end well.

Below is a portion of the interview, courtesy of CNN:



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