Donald Trump Is Campaigning In Deep Blue Connecticut And Nobody Knows Why

Connecticut hasn't voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988

Connecticut has voted for every Democratic presidential candidate since Bill Clinton, Barack Obama won the state by 17 points in 2012. So why is Donald Trump spending time and resources campaigning in one of the bluest of blue states? The answer: nobody knows.

Republican officials are reportedly baffled and angered that Trump is wasting party money and campaign time on Connecticut. The Nutmeg State simply isn’t in play this year and even if the GOP candidate was someone more moderate and less erratic, the chances of flipping it are slim to none.

None of that seems to matter to Trump. He made a pitch for Connecticut on a visit where he assured his audience that he did have a chance of winning the state. Instead of pushing to win in crucial swing states like Florida and Ohio, Trump is spending time fighting a losing battle in a deep blue state.

The RNC is extremely worried about the effect Trump is having on down ballot races. There is a real chance the party will lose its Senate majority and the House is starting to look competitive. Trump’s lead is eroding in reliably red states but he isn’t campaigning there.

Polls show Utah, Georgia, North and South Carolina and possibly even Texas could flip to the Democrats if Trump continues his downward spiral. Losing so many traditionally Republican states would be a disaster not only for Trump but for the party. Red states that vote against Trump will likely move away from down ballot candidates associated with him.

The serious difficulties the campaign faces should prompt Trump to spend time making his case to Republican voters who are leery of him. Instead, he’s uselessly trying to win a state that hasn’t gone Republican since 1988 and nobody seems to know why the campaign thinks this is a good idea. It may simply be another example of the chaos and amateurish nature of the Trump campaign.

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Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.