Hate-Spewing Trump Supporters Are Convinced He’ll Win In A Landslide

Hate-Spewing Trump Supporters Are Convinced He’ll Win In A Landslide

While the GOP leadership is desperately trying to insulate its Senate majority from Donald Trump’s failing campaign and party donors are redirecting their cash into crucial down ballot races, pro-Trump news sites are telling a very different story. Trump will win in a landslide, according to several conservative news sites.

Truthfeed.com, a website that publicly proclaims is allegiance to ‘the Trump Movement’ reports that all the polls, whether national or in-state, are wrong and Trump is on track to an incredible victory. In an article it generously describes as ‘election analysis’, it claims “Despite what the dishonest liberal media is trying spin, with their absurd claims that Trump is “imploding,” the movement to take back our country marches on.”

The article then quotes a chunk of a report from another right-wing site, The Politik, which has posted a string of pro-Trump articles, suspect polls and, significantly, attacks on Nate Silver, the pollster whose election predictions have proven extremely accurate. The claims about Trump’s impending landslide victory look like another example of the right-wing echo chamber.

“What we do know is that Trump is attracting voters from all over the map and into the Republican fold,” the article says, “It’s how he unexpectedly massacred 16 opponents in the primary. It’s how he will massacre Hillary Clinton in the general election.” This is despite red states like Utah, Georgia and South Carolina trending blue.

The article’s author, Truthfeed.com Senior Writer Amy Moreno has a strong Twitter presence and routinely posts tweets like ‘Feminists r gross man-hating harpies’, ‘No one has done more to educate the American public on our clown-show media than Donald Trump’ and ‘Toughen up you man-bun-wearing vaginas.’

It seems when Trump supporters, and the media outlets they work for, aren’t spewing hate or peddling conspiracy theories about rigged elections and ISIS, they’re desperately reassuring themselves that Trump is in for a huge win, and attacking legitimate pollsters who say otherwise.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.