Now Trump Thinks Law-Abiding Immigrants Could Be A Threat, Just Not His Wife

Trump has expanded his attack on immigrants to include those who actually obey the law

Donald Trump now thinks immigrants who follow the legal process could be just as dangerous as the illegal ones he’s been bashing for months. Trump called the legal immigration system ‘the greatest Trojan horse of all time’ and claimed, wrongly, that there is no way to vet new arrivals.

The Republican candidate listed a number of crimes committed by legal immigrants and presented a long list of countries he termed ‘terrorist nations’. This surprising attack on the US immigration system seems to prove Trump’s statement that his ban on Muslims coming into the country had expanded after he appeared to water down the idea.

Trump’s unexpected attack included criticism of foreign-born US citizens, despite his wife being one. Melania Trump came to the US using exactly the system Trump is now calling dangerous. However, serious questions about Mrs Trump’s immigration status when she arrived in the US are embarrassing the campaign.

There are gaps in Melania Trump’s personal history that call her legal status into question. It is possible she arrived in the US earlier than she claims and worked illegally. It now appears she gained a green card based on a previous marriage but that contradicts the established narrative the Trumps have presented.

Ironically, the questions surrounding his wife may prove there are problems with the US immigration system. Trump’s claim that immigrants are not properly vetted could be true in Melania’s case. However, his claim that there is no effective vetting for legal immigrants is not borne out by fact. The US has one of the most stringent immigrant screening systems in the world.

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Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.