“I Don’t Throw Babies Out, Believe Me”: Trump Insists He Didn’t Kick Baby Out Of Rally

“I Don’t Throw Babies Out, Believe Me”: Trump Insists He Didn’t Kick Baby Out Of Rally

One thing we’ve learned about Donald Trump over the course of his presidential campaign is that he will not let any grievance pass, no matter how small or petty. He has this incessant need to come out on top regardless, which is what has caused him so much damage in the Khan feud. And it is why he spent much of his day Friday harping on a crying baby.

You may recall that the press and social media had fun at Trump’s expense earlier in the week regarding him kicking a wailing baby and the infant’s mother out of a Virginia rally. Video of the incident showed that the real estate mogul had first told the mother that it was OK that her baby was crying, only to tell her a minute later to leave as the infant wouldn’t stop. He also gaslit and embarrassed the woman, stating that he couldn’t believe that she actually thought he wanted her to keep the baby in the crowd.

Anyway, this was just a silly story that was more symbolic of how shitty Trump’s week went than anything else. Mostly a punchline — ‘Trump now anti-baby!’ and the like. But this is Trump, and he can’t let anything, and I mean ANYTHING, go.

As CBS News’ Sopan Deb noted, prior to an Iowa rally on Friday, the Republican standard-bearer was asked about the baby moment by a reporter.



This was all the motivation The Donald needed to bring the whole thing back up to his supporters. Going off on a tangent for minutes, he pointed out that everyone in the crowd was laughing at his joke and having a good time. (He also stated that this happened in Jacksonville, when it fact it was Northern Virginia.) He also noted that the baby’s voice was beautiful, he loves babies and the press is disgusting. In fact, nobody loves babies more than Trump does.

“I don’t throw babies out, believe me. I love my babies. I love my children. I love babies. I don’t throw babies out, believe me.”

Still three more months until Election Day, folks.

Below is video of the whole weird bit, courtesy of NBC News’ Brad Jaffy:

Justin Baragona

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