Trump Is A ‘Loudmouthed Dick’: GOP Strategist Says What We’re All Thinking

Trump makes another CNN guest swear on live TV

Republican strategist Liz Mair went off on Donald Trump on CNN, becoming the second Trump critic to swear live on air. CNN is fast becoming the go-to place for commentators to air their grievances in uncensored language.

“His message is being a loudmouthed dick, basically,” Mair said. “And going out there and offending people and then engaging in an airing of grievances. That’s what he does. He doesn’t have another message.”

Mair told Anderson Cooper that Trump was on a ‘suicide mission’ and could bring the Republican party down with him. The GOP is in the middle of a meltdown. The party establishment is struggling to deal with grassroots conservatives backing Trump and threatening senior incumbent Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Fareed Zakaria turned CNN’s air blue a few days ago when he called Trump ‘a bullshit artist’. Zakaria’s comments were censored on several networks but went out live on CNN. It is rare for legitimate critics to use profanity when describing politicians but in the year of Trump, all bets are off. This poses a problem for live broadcasters.

Mair is a long-time critic of Trump and is one of many moderate Republicans now campaigning for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. Johnson is polling at 12% nationally, just shy of the 15% he needs to get into the presidential debates.

Many conservatives are giving Johnson a closer look. Trump’s increasingly erratic behavior and bizarre statements have outraged some Republicans who now see Johnson as a viable small government alternative. Johnson agrees on many broad GOP issues like government spending, education and personal rights, though more hawkish Republicans worry about the Libertarian’s hands-off approach to foreign policy.

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Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.