Trump Heading For Election Disaster As Polls Give Clinton A 10 Point Lead

Clinton trashes Trump in national and state polls as Republicans plot intervention

Hillary Clinton is beating Trump by 10 percent nationally and is winning by even wider margins in key states, according to a series of new polls. Trump’s support has evaporated in the last week thanks to self-inflicted controversies and attacks from senior Republicans.

Clinton leads Trump by 11 percent in Pennsylvania, a crucial swing state, and enjoys a 15 percent lead in New Hampshire and 9 percent in Michigan. The huge gap between the candidates in ‘must win’ states is bad news for the Trump campaign. For the Republican to win in November, he will need to win over independent voters. That now seems impossible.

Recent polls show that Hispanic voters in Florida are overwhelmingly against Trump. Trump will not be able to win the election without picking up Florida’s crucial electoral college votes. Florida is also a bellwether state – voting patterns there are a strong indication of the national picture.

Clinton also leads in New York, a state Trump promised he would win. The billionaire has huge investments in New York city and some commentators believed his nomination would make the state competitive. A presidential candidate is generally expected to win their home state though that was always unlikely for Trump.

The poll results may be exaggerated due to Clinton’s convention bounce and Trump’s recent difficulties but the Republican campaign encountering unprecedented problems. The polls will alarm GOP insiders already plotting to intervene in Trump’s campaign. Several Republicans have already denounced Trump and Clinton’s large poll lead will add to the campaign’s difficulties.

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Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.