Donald Trump: The Guy You Want To See Lose Most

Donald Trump: The Guy You Want To See Lose Most

During the primaries I wrote an ode to Ted Cruz, who had been my muse throughout the Republican Primary because, out of all the candidates, I loathed his presence in our public government the most: I loathed Cruz’s conspicuously self-serving efforts in our democracy—particularly the government shutdown he orchestrated with his fundamentalist brand of politics. Needless to say, I really dislike Ted Cruz, and I cannot help but proselytize.

I am clearly not alone, as I was granted my wish to see Ted Cruz lose the Republican primary, though the Cruz-fail tonic has brought on the expected but still painful side-effect of Donald Trump’s nomination. I know Cruz is not done running for president—we all know it from his RNC non-endorsement, opportunistic as always—and he will no doubt run again in 2020 if he can finesse another few billionaires’ wallets, which makes his 2016 hardline social conservatism failure finitely sweeter. It was a delightful spectacle because Cruz gratingly hid his ambition behind feigned, ultra-ideological integrity.

I admit freely that I am repelled by legislators who have practiced being president since high school. But I suppose I digress. Because the newest antagonist of American democracy is a man who has politically branded himself better and vaguer than Adolph Hitler, and he did it by himself without a Goebbels.

Donald Trump’s unadulterated narcissism serves as his propaganda minister, and Trump has been egotistically propagandizing himself since the 80’s when he would call reporters to give unrequested gossip tips about himself under the alias of a Trump spokesperson named “John Barron,” the latter of which happens to be what Trump named his most protegéic son.

Donald Trump’s self-absorption has earned him the title Guy You Want To See Lose Most. This weekend’s polling has suggested that Hillary Clinton’s convention was much better received by the American people, and that a plurality of America wants to see Trump lose, too.

Probably because, like all bleeding-heart fascists, Trump is a conspicuously self-conscious, thin-skinned compensator taking advantage of the nation’s least-critical thinkers by exaggerating their problems and repeating unrealistic and amoral solutions enough that fanned fears get the better of their political motivations. Trump has proven himself a natural at demagoguery, for which Trump’s limited language aptitude and alleged squirrel brain are his best campaign assets.

They are what has enabled Trump to be such an effective bully throughout the election so far. “Low Energy Jeb,” “Lyin’ Ted,” and “Crooked Hillary” are brainlessly good marketing, and it’s a testament to the frivolous thoughtlessness of clan culture that Donald Trump has become such a chieftain type of political leader to a radicalized primary-voting majority of Republicans. In their ideological defense, though, conservatives tend to prefer Trump’s style of simply hierarchied authority over the complex bureaucracy that an actually democratic public government tends to necessitate. Simple governance of the world’s most influential nation seems like an intuitively bad idea, but, again in conservatives’ defense, they’ve been manipulated into a political persecution-complex paranoia.

As a result, the conservative faith invested in “Make America Great Again” is truly a puritanically blind faith, because Donald Trump’s life story suggests he would make a historically corrupt president. The legacy of his business career is one of excessive vanity, sociopathic fraud, and exaggerated wealth, which ironically proves once and for all that the Religious Right’s decades-long façade of self-righteousness has collapsed entirely. Trumpism is soullessness, and, consequently, there is an unsurprising but repugnant hypocrisy in American evangelicalism’s embrace of Trump, whose oeuvre of public commentary could be presented as an antithesis of Christianity. His magnum opus will likely be a theatrical morality play of losing like a #whinylittlebitch.

His aversion to public decency has led to Donald Trump demonstrating some iconic demographic pandering. He often spotlights the rare supporters he finds at his events who are not white, and waxes poetically about how much he loves specific ethnicities like a transactional justification in order to be able to continue saying racist things. Trump self-consciously implies personal, racial discomfort by trying so hard to prove he doesn’t have any racial prejudices.

Hillary Clinton is certainly guilty of pandering as well, but the Democratic Party throughout the Obama Era has truly been a democratic party with cross-cultural legislative efforts toward real societal equality. In fact, the Democratic Party’s problems with white voters is in fact a direct consequence of its focus on diversity and insistence on not offending religious and ethnic minorities. Trump’s voter base, meanwhile, is somehow disproportionately whiter than the 2008 GOP base that lost to America’s first black president. Trump’s chances with Hispanic voters, meanwhile, has been described as a “doom’s day” for the GOP.

America is not alone, though, in wanting Trump to lose. Our election is no competition throughout the international community, and the globe generally approves of and respects President Obama. Unsurprisingly, the world trusts Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly more than Donald Trump. The devil’s advocate nations that Trump has impressed, in contrast, include such historical American friends as Russia and North Korea.

Simply. Trump’s presidential campaign is a democratic mess. Also, allegedly, Trump has confusedly asked military officials why America can’t simply use nuclear weapons if we have them. Donald Trump, everyone: the Guy You Want To See Lose Most.

Levi Olson

Levi Olson

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