Bernie Dead-Enders Heckle Civil Rights Icon John Lewis During MSNBC Interview

Bernie Dead-Enders Heckle Civil Rights Icon John Lewis During MSNBC Interview

One of the more annoying sub-plots of this week’s Democratic National Convention has been the need for the most die-hard Bernie Sanders supporters to make a complete spectacle of themselves. Whether it is booing speakers, starting chants on the convention floor, repeating the RNC’s ‘Lock her up!’ chants on the streets or sneaking Jill Stein into the arena, Bernie dead-enders have made sure everyone is completely aware of their presence at ALL TIMES.

In a display that helps reinforce the stereotype that the #BernieOrBust crowd is nothing more than petulant, whiny, insufferable, attention-seeking d-bags, a handful of them heckled Democratic Congressman and civil rights legend John Lewis during a live TV interview Thursday. Why would they do that? Because he had the temerity to speak positively of Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Tamron Hall on an outdoor stage in Philadelphia near the DNC site, Lewis was trying to discuss the historic nature of Clinton’s nomination, being that she’s the first woman nominee of a major party. While mentioning how much this has to mean to women, young and old alike, a handful of ‘protesters’ began yelling “she sucks!” and “she stole it!” during the interview.

This kept going for about four minutes, wherein every time Lewis mentioned Hillary — who is speaking Thursday night — the same group of Berniebots would toss out some more insults. At one point, one dude yelled “Bullshit!” after Lewis spoke well about Clinton.

After the Bernie Bro’s expletive, Hall took a moment to address what was going on. She highlighted that there was a lot of vitriol coming from those who felt Bernie got a raw deal. The MSNBC host then asked Lewis to speak to those who act civilly and explain why it is important that Donald Trump not be elected. Lewis responded thusly:

“I think it’s so important that we recognize the fact that we win some and sometimes we lose some. But we never give up, we never become bitter or hostile. I was beaten, bloodied, left unconscious fighting for the right to vote. But I never became bitter, I never lost hope.”

And that was that. Lewis and Hall couldn’t have done a better job of metaphorically smacking the #BernieOrBust movement squarely on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. It was a direct message to Berners everywhere — stop the whining and tantrum throwing, realize that progress takes time and doesn’t happen overnight, and continue to do the real work rather than just rage.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Raw Story:


Justin Baragona

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