Bye, Felicia! Debbie Wasserman Schultz Announces Her Resignation As DNC Chair

Bye, Felicia! Debbie Wasserman Schultz Announces Her Resignation As DNC Chair

Thankfully for Democrats, they won’t have the spectre of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s increasingly unpopular run as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee looming over their convention.

After Wikileaks released a trove of hacked emails from the DNC last week, the calls for DWS to step down have grown from within the party. On Sunday, Democratic primary runner-up Bernie Sanders, long a Wasserman Schultz critic, made multiple talk show appearances where he demanded that she resign, citing the emails as proof that she was far from impartial during the primary. Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver echoed those sentiments.

But it wasn’t just the Sanders camp yelling for Debbie’s head. According to Politico, a top Dem operative said that DWS wouldn’t lat the night — proven true — while a major party fundraiser said it was humiliating that she couldn’t even speak at the convention due to her unpopularity with Democrats.

“This is so humiliating. Whether Debbie knows it or not, she’s really done as chair of the party. It just took too long,” said John Morgan, a major Democratic fundraiser from Florida who clashed with Wasserman Schultz after she trashed his Florida ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana.

“I predicted to you months ago that she wouldn’t be able to get through a convention speech because of the boos,” Morgan told POLITICO. “It’s even worse than that now. She can’t even take the stage because of who she is, what she is and what she stands for. And what she stands for is herself, not the good of the party or the country.”

Eventually, it was made clear to her that she had to go, and the sooner the better. Even though her term was up at the end of the year, they couldn’t afford to have this shit hanging over the convention, especially with pissed-off Berniecrats filling the arena this week. She released a statement Sunday afternoon confirming that she would resign at the end of the week.


MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt is reporting that Wasserman Schultz is apparently being allowed to speak at the convention now as a compromise for her agreeing to step down.


Um, OK. That should go over like gangbusters. Hopefully, she’ll rethink this, unless she really enjoys getting viciously booed on a national stage.

Justin Baragona

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