Trump Campaign Abandons ‘Penetrating’ Logo After Just A Day

Trump Campaign Abandons ‘Penetrating’ Logo After Just A Day

Just one day after unveiling its brand new logo, the Trump/Pence campaign has apparently withdrawn it. Social media users compared the new logo to anal sex, using it to mock both Trump and his running mate Mike Pence, who is a long-time opponent of LGBT rights.

The image originally was circulated in a fundraising email released by the Trump campaign shortly after Trump confirmed Indiana governor Pence as his vice-presidential pick. The capital ‘T’ passed through hole in the ‘P’ in a way many Twitter users considered ‘penetrative’.

The combination of the poorly designed logo and Pence’s strong opposition to LGBT rights created a perfect storm of mockery. Late night host Samantha Bee joined in the criticism while thousands of off color jokes and memes were created lambasting the Trump/Pence campaign.

The logo appeared on Donald Trump’s official website but has since disappeared without explanation. Speculation that the image was hastily prepared seemed to be confirmed as reports emerged that the presumptive Republican nominee tried to get out of picking Pence at the last minute.

Abandoning the logo after just a day is just another sign of the chaos at the heart of Trump’s campaign. Media have reported for weeks on the poor organisation, last minute decision making and poor fundraising of the campaign. Trumps’ decision to delay his VP announcement following the terrorist attack in Nice may have been an excuse for him to reconsider his choice.

With next week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland expected to be a showcase for Trump’s personality and the ultra-conservative GOP national platform, blunders like badly designed logos will worry party insiders who see Trump’s campaign as a threat to the GOP’s effort to retain the House and Senate.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.