Morning Trump’s Back! Joe And Mika Praise Trump’s Unhinged Rambling Ohio Speech

Morning Trump’s Back! Joe And Mika Praise Trump’s Unhinged Rambling Ohio Speech

It looks like Morning Joe is doing its level best to send a message to Donald Trump’s campaign that they are willing to let bygones be bygones, in case he wants to start coming back on the program on a daily basis.

For the vast majority of this neverending election season, the MSNBC morning show was THE landing place for Trump. Co-hosts and not-so-secret lovers Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski would spend the majority of each broadcast heaping praise upon The Donald. Whenever he appeared for an interview, it was softball after softball, that is, whenever they weren’t just letting him speak uninterrupted for minutes at a time.

But, that all changed this spring. After Trump clinched the Republican nomination, Joe and Mika became more and more critical of him, with Scarborough really going after him to pivot. After an abortive ‘boycott,’ the real estate mogul split with the duo for good, aiming his Twitter arrows right at them. Since that time, the pair have been largely critical of the former reality TV star.

Ahhh, but that looks like it may have changed on Thursday. With Joe and Mika trying to paint presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as the evilest evil-doer in all the land now that she’s not going to face any criminal charges over #EMAILBENGHAZIGATE, they decided to take this opportunity to show the Orange One he’s still their main boo.

In a panel discussion about Trump’s Wednesday night Ohio rally speech, Mika exclaimed that Trump “got his groove back.” Now, mind you, most media observers who watched the speech thought it was an unhinged, rambling, unmitigated mess that a dumpster fire would look at and shake its head. Not only did he double down on his love for Saddam Hussein, he spent a large portion going after Chuck Todd(!), spoke at length about Scottish golf courses, regretted deleting an anti-Semitic tweet, started a chant for Newt Gingrich, talked about his hatred for mosquitoes and used a lot of funny voices/faces.

What Trump barely did was talk about his opponent. Hillary held a rally in Atlantic City earlier in the day and made a pretty devastating case about Trump’s abilities as a businessman, bringing up his multiple bankruptcies while standing in front of the abandoned Trump Taj Mahal. It made for great political optics. Donald spent all of 17 seconds discussing her speech. However, he did devote more than two minutes talking about Jack Nicklaus, and even more time mentioning how Don King may speak at the convention.

But, apparently, this is what gets Morning Joe’s juices flowing. Mika kept talking about how “fantastic” Trump was Wednesday night, how he really got the crowd going. Joe jumped in to point out that he was amazed that a 70-year-old had that much energy and showmanship. Scarborough also openly complained that other media outlets will focus on outtakes of the speech, mostly regarding Trump’s continual defense of the Star of David meme that he got from neo-Nazis.

But not Joe and Mika. They want everyone to know just how FREAKIN’ AMAZEBALLS this thing was. By going willy-nilly from unrelated subject to unrelated subject, by focusing much of his energy to complaining about a “disloyal” news host, by not letting go of petty grievances, Trump showed why he should lead this country.

Don’t be fooled by Morning Joe. This is who they are. From time to time, you might get lured in by their attempts to appeal to reason, but it is all an act. They are just as sensationalist as your grocery tabloid, made worse by the veneer of VERY SERIOUS JOURNALISM.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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