Mika Calls Trump “Pathetic” While Scarborough Likens His Rhetoric To Nazi Germany

Mika Calls Trump “Pathetic” While Scarborough Likens His Rhetoric To Nazi Germany

Prior to the big news coming out of the Donald Trump camp that campaign manager Corey Lewandowski had been fired, Morning Joe’s lead hosts spent a decent amount of time Monday morning tearing into the presumptive Republican nominee. Specifically, they called him out on his over-the-top bigoted rhetoric and the amateurish way he’s running his campaign.

Starting the program off, co-host Joe Scarborough, once a loyal Trump apologist who has now taken a hard-line anti-Trump stance, immediately likened The Donald’s renewed push for a ban on all Muslims entering the country to Nazi Germany.

“For those who were hoping that there was going to be some turnaround, some pivot for Donald Trump this weekend, I wrote it down, he talked about profiling mosques, of course, he’d been talking about a Muslim registry. He’s even talked in the past about making Muslims carry cards. Sounds a lot like Nazi Germany. Why don’t you just put a patch right on their shoulder? And then started talking about getting guns in the hands of people and nightclubs at 2 AM., a position so extreme that even the NRA had to come out and call him out on that. This is — there is no pivot, and it continues, and that’s why the GOP appears to be in open rebellion right now.”

Later on, Mika Brzezinski chimed in by taking aim at the former reality TV star’s campaign strategy, or lack thereof. Noting that Joe has pointed out that Trump is apparently not listening to any of his experienced operatives, or seeking out advice from experts, Mika straight-up called the GOP standard-bearer “pathetic.”

“He is literally still vomiting out anything he thinks at the tip of his head that he might have seen on TV, and I don’t know what channel, recently. It’s pathetic, number one. It’s sad for the party, it’s sad for the country and it’s sad for his candidacy, which could have done so much.”

Scarborough agreed that he should be doing much better, but that “the embarrassment deepens because he just simply refuses to stop playing to the lowest common denominator.” In essence, Trump gets in front of his adoring crowds full of ignorant racists and loud bigots and gives them the red meat they want, with nary a thought about the consequences later. And, without any real campaign structure or strategy, his dumbass comments dominate the news cycle, leaving the GOP floundering in response.

After Morning Joe went off the air, news hit that Lewandowski had been shitcanned. Perhaps this represents the ‘pivot’ Republicans have been waiting on from Trump, as Corey had proposed that the party needed to let “Trump be Trump.” With Lewandowski out, it would appear that Paul Manafort will be fully in charge of the campaign. Will this all lead to a more focused and mature direction moving forward? Only if they find another candidate.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


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