Trump Surrogate Tells CNN To Stop Saying “Racist” Because It’s Unfair To White Guys

Trump Surrogate Tells CNN To Stop Saying “Racist” Because It’s Unfair To White Guys

As Donald Trump continues to double down on his racist attacks against a federal judge, a number of Republicans who have endorsed the former reality TV star have found themselves in a pickle. They realize they have to acknowledge that Trump is way out of line for his bigoted assaults on Judge Gonzalo Curiel, but also have to defend their support of the Cheeto-dusted fascist. There is no way to win here.

That is, unless, you are an unrepentant racist yourself. Then you can just go on live TV and complain about the unfair liberal press being all unfair to white dudes. Which is exactly what one-time New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino did Monday morning.

Paladino, who is co-chair of Trump’s campaign in New York, popped up on CNN to defend Trump to host Carol Costello. The loudmouthed, bat-wielding businessman, who lost badly in his bid for governor in 2010 after it was revealed he had a penchant for sending blatantly racist emails, said that it was perfectly OK to remove a judge based on their ethnicity because that’s how the real world works. He also rejected the notion that there was anything racist about Trump’s actions.

As he kept claiming that this was all made up by the press, obviously not realizing that Trump was the one who repeatedly brought up the judge’s Hispanic heritage on the campaign trail, Costello pointed out that the reason they were saying Trump’s comments were racist was because they ARE RACIST. But, naw, ol’ Carl wasn’t having that, because he knew who the real victim of this was.

“This is incredible that you want to pull this word out and use it,” Paladino so eloquently argued. “Because it always pushes back on the white guy. It’s not fair.”

SO UNFAIR! When white men just talk like REAL PEOPLE, they are forced to have to defend their actions when whiny minorities and the lamestream media totally misconstrue them. THE HUMANITY! When will it all stop?!?!?

Anyway, Paladino continued to mumble his way through this disaster of an interview, while Costello just let him hang himself with his own words.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Raw Story:


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