Donald Trump Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know That He Voted For Bill Clinton

Donald Trump Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know That He Voted For Bill Clinton

Over the past few weeks, Republican nominee and thrice-married serial philanderer Donald J. Trump has upped his attacks on former POTUS Bill Clinton, attempting to tie his past infidelities to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. In general, Trump has accused Hillary of being an enabler to her husband, who he describes as an abuser of women. He’s even gone so far as to call Bill a rapist, bringing up Juanita Broaddrick.

Of course, not so long ago, Trump considered Bill a good friend, and it was even reported that the ex-president called up the real estate mogul last May to convince him to run for the GOP nomination. Prior to that, the two were golfing buddies, Trump invited the Clintons to his third wedding and the former reality TV star had defended Bill over his scandals numerous times. Even as recently as last summer, the Trumpster dismissed Bill Clinton’s sexual exploits.

So, it probably comes as no surprise that in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that was published Wednesday, The Donald didn’t want to reveal if he voted for Bill Clinton during his two presidential runs in the ’90s. Speaking to Michael Wolff, Trump quickly pivoted when directly asked the question about his voting habits back then.

From the article:


He’s punted on Hillary as a topic since we started our conversation, as though to talk about her was not to talk about him. If in public he needs to treat her as his cause, in private he doesn’t want her taking up his time. But I sneak it back.

“Did you ever vote for Bill?” I ask, thinking that both men have as much in common as they have that separates them.

“Let’s see … did I ever? Eh, I don’t want to say who I voted for.”

Indeed. These two ’80s guys were undoubtedly once quite in sync.


Um, yeah. That is most certainly an affirmative there.

This is why Trump’s attacks on the Clintons, and specifically Bill’s past sexy time, will inevitably ring so false. As much as he’ll continuously try to pretend that history doesn’t exist, his past comments will be brought up over and over again, likely by the Clintons themselves, if not pro-Hillary groups. The fact is, he was a long-time supporter of Bill Clinton, and nothing can change that.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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