Trump Senior Press Rep Once Again Tells CNN That She Can’t Answer Any Questions On Trump

Healy Baumgardner showed up on CNN Thursday and again gave us all a segment that seemed straight out of a Saturday Night Live skit.

A week after she was viciously and rightfully mocked for her robotic and airheaded responses during an interview segment on CNN, Trump senior press representative Healy Baumgardner came back for more punishment. And good times were had by all (except Healy).

Speaking to CNN’s John Berman and Kate Bolduan Thursday morning, Baumgardner was quickly asked about the possibility of a Bernie Sanders-Donald Trump debate, something her boss broached (and then backed off) the previous evening. Just as she did the previous time around, Baumgardner told the two hosts that she couldn’t speculate on anything.

“I wish I could tell you, I’m not a political fortune teller, so I can’t answer that unfortunately,” Baumgardner robotically answered.

Bolduan and Berman were all like, ‘Um, you do know you are the senior press rep for the Trump campaign and are supposed to speak for the candidate directly, right?’ And Baumgardner was all like, ‘ Yeah, I know that, but only Mr. Trump can speak for Mr. Trump and I can’t speculate.’ And this led to the CNN talk heads to look at each other resignedly and shrug, knowing that they were in for a trainwreck.

And trainwreck they got. When they asked Baumgardner about Trump advisor Paul Manafort’s comments about Trump not picking a woman or minority for Veep because that would be “pandering,” poor ol’ Healy, with her hair stuck in her eye, said she couldn’t speak on it. Both hosts tried a different tact with her, asking her for her own personal opinions, but malfunctioning robots don’t have personal opinions, so they got precious little.

Anyway, the whole thing played like a bad SNL skit, and the five-plus minutes inched along at a snail’s pace as you waited for Baumgardner to start smoking from her CPU.

Below is video of the segment:



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