Donald Trump: “You Have To Be Wealthy In Order To Be Great. I’m Sorry To Say It”

Donald Trump: “You Have To Be Wealthy In Order To Be Great. I’m Sorry To Say It”

On the day Donald Trump finally crossed that magical 1237 delegate threshold to secure the Republican nomination, he showed up in North Dakota to deliver an energy policy speech or something. But, let’s be honest. He was there to hold the same tired ass rally in front of the same 99%-white fawning audience and say the same old shit. And, yep, that’s pretty much what he did.

During his speech, when he was promising to make everyone in the audience super-rich and that he’d deliver untold riches as far as the eye can see, he gave us this little nugget:



Now, it should be noted that Trump said this in the context of increasing the nation’s wealth. But, taken on its face, this can be spun anyway a good strategist sees fit, much like Mitt Romney’s 47% line, or ‘binders full of women.’ Can you just see the anti-Trump ads now, where you play him saying that line while showing hard-working nurses, firefighters, EMTs, teachers, ending the whole thing with a picture of Jesus Christ.

I’m not the only one thinking this:


Oh, and by the way, he says he wants to make the Republican Party a “worker’s party.” Outside of the obvious historical parallels between that and fascist/dictatorial governments of the past, what better way to appeal to the working class than saying that only rich folks are great?

Justin Baragona

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