Seven Deadly Sins: Donald Trump Is The Antithesis Of Christianity

Trump may not be the Biblical Antichrist, but the Christians who support him really do not understand their religion.

Donald Trump is the antithesis of Christianity. He is a poster boy for all seven of the classic deadly sins poetically observed by Christianity’s early desert father monastics: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.

If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, the Republican Party simply cannot be Christian. Similarly, Christians who vote for Trump are not Christians. Any attempted Christian defense of Donald Trump is as oxymoronic as it is blasphemous.

Let’s examine the seven deadly sins with which Trump’s lifestyle is so fond:

Lust: Donald Trump has been divorced multiple times, and has written books describing his sexual hedonism. He has pretended to be his own publicist to spread unrequested gossip suggesting inaccurately that A-list women have pursued him. He owned Miss Universe for two decades and liked to personally judge the contestants’ bodies during rehearsals. And, most creepily of all, he has suggested that if he were not his daughter’s father he would be dating her. Seriously, peep the links, they are enlightening toward his character.

Of course, Trump denies much of this, denouncing journalistic efforts to give perspective on his life as a scams but his rebuttals sound like a middle schooler’s amateur attempts to lie. Perhaps tellingly, middle school is his grammar level. But really, the video evidence of Trump imagining himself dating his daughter is incontrovertible.

Gluttony: Trump’s house is narcissistically luxurious in a classical French style with gold infused furniture. Meanwhile, his Mar-A-Lago mansion, fleet of helicopters and airplanes, and yacht are hallmarks of his overindulgent lifestyle.

Jesus was not fond of overindulgence, and the Bible suggests that today he would be elaborating on his metaphor about camels and needle eyes.

Greed: I don’t know where to begin.

Sloth: Not in that Trump is lazy, because Trump is obviously a busy man, but in his disinclination to exertion. Trump wants to be president, but he has hardly put in any effort to legitimately earn the executive position of America’s democratic government and federal bureaucracy. It’s not like he has ever been professionally involved in Republican politics, and neither has he put in the time rising through the tiered levels of public service.

Even his own company was given to him, along with a fortune of a trust fund for which his only self-sufficient accomplishment has been in not squandering all of it yet. Not that he hasn’t overseen a host of failed businesses and Trump-branded products. Trump has misread and lost money in industries as varied as casinos, magazines, board games, steaks, universities, mortgages, airlines, vodka and travel booking.

In his defense though, Trump’s sixth-grade level of communication likely inhibits his ability to learn about complicated issues. It is likely the reason Trump is so rarely articulate about complicated issues such as the economy and foreign policy, and he is making little progress educating himself on policy or even contemplating his political convictions. His opinions and campaign promises vary wildly depending on who he is talking to, and seem to be disproportionately dependent on Twitter as an information medium.

For being the Republican nominee for president, Trump is not trying very hard.

Wrath: Trump is not kind to detractors, and routinely threatens to sue anyone who publicly doubts his net worth. He has promised to change libel laws to make it easier to sue journalists. He tried to sue Bill Maher for $5 million when the comedian satirically insinuated that Trump’s father was an orangutan. Trump’s whole divisive campaign may be the result of Trump’s inability to take White House Correspondents’ Dinner jokes mocking him for buying into the fraudulent Obama Birther conspiracy.

His self-consciousness and shallow sense of worth keeps his anger and humiliation easily provoked. Litigation is his weapon of revenge.

Envy: Famous figures Trump is debatably envious of include Benito Mussolini, Adolph Hitler, Louis XIV, and Emperor Palpatine.

Pride: Trump loves Donald Trump. His campaign is fueled with verbal assurances that he is so good at things, that he has the best people, that he has very little debt, and that he has neither small hands nor a small penis.

         *      *      *

It’s simple: Donald Trump’s life is the antithesis of Christianity, and Jesus would loathe him. It’s kind of ironic that Trump might follow President Obama, who many Christians alleged erroneously was the Antichrist.

Trump may not be the Biblical Antichrist, but the Christians who support him really do not understand their religion.

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