Pot Meet Kettle: Joe Scarborough Says CNN Has Been “Kissing Up” To Trump For Months

Pot Meet Kettle: Joe Scarborough Says CNN Has Been “Kissing Up” To Trump For Months

Sometimes, the lack of self-awareness among the punditry class is jaw dropping, even among the jaded observers who are used to seeing them make fools of themselves on a daily basis.

On Monday, we witnessed perhaps the biggest Trump enabler of them all, Joe Scarborough, call out another network for providing Donald J. Trump with too much access and favorable coverage. Following up a panel discussion on Trump’s Twitter beefs, in which a Saturday afternoon Trump tweet critical of CNN was highlighted, the Morning Joe host then took a shot at the rival network.

“CNN, they’ve been kissing up to him for months and months and months and months. I mean, they’ve given him extraordinary access. … Seriously, after CNN has given him just incredible, unprecedented, extraordinary access and that guy right there, on a Saturday afternoon, attacks them because there’s one panel he doesn’t like.”

Below is the tweet in question:



During the discussions in the first part of the program, Joe mildly criticized Trump for being so thin-skinned that he has to spend his weekends going after the media for not being fair to him. So, in some fairness, Scarborough was likely just trying to make a point that CNN has been more than accommodating to the former reality TV star and still can’t win in Trump’s eyes. And, Joe has some experience here, as The Donald mean-tweeted him some weeks back for daring to speak negatively of His Royal Orangeness.

Of course, it still shows a stunning amount of chutzpah for Joe, of all people, to slam someone else for “kissing up” to Trump. This is the same guy that visited Trump’s hotel room during a primary night to watch vote totals come in. The same dude behind the abominable Trump Town Hall that was roundly ridiculed as a tongue bath. The same man who has let Trump call in on a nearly daily basis and soak up tons of free air time. Yeah, that same guy.

Anyway, good job going ‘hard’ after the candidate, Joe. You are a true inspiration.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Washington Examiner (you’ll also notice Mika thought about mentioning that some could make the argument about their show, but bit her tongue, naturally):


Justin Baragona

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