NBC’s Lester Holt Is Anchoring ‘Nightly News’ From Trump Tower Because Of Course

NBC’s Lester Holt Is Anchoring ‘Nightly News’ From Trump Tower Because Of Course

The lines continue to blur between entertainment, politics and the news media.

Because this election season has been all about ratings and advertising bucks when it comes to cable and network news. NBC announced on Wednesday that not only was anchor Lester Hold going to conduct an ‘exclusive’ interview with Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, but that the anchor would then continue the rest of the Nightly News broadcast from Trump Tower.



First off, can someone kindly tell me what the fuck exclusive means anymore? Seriously, Trump has been interviewed literally hundreds of times since he announced his campaign last June. And, if this is supposed to mean his first interview since winning the Indiana GOP primary, well, he called into three different morning shows on Wednesday. And, if this was to denote his first live face-to-face interview since Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out, umm, CNN’s Wold Blitzer already had that scheduled at 5 PM ET.


Anyway, get used to more of this shit. More Trump interviews (where he brags about his poll numbers and tosses out conspiratorial nonsense, all with little to no pushback). More Trump ‘exclusives’. More Trump BREAKING NEWS. More live shots from Trump rallies. And more cozying up to Trump by the so-called independent media.


Justin Baragona

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