Donald Trump Is The Textbook Example Of Fascism

Donald Trump Is The Textbook Example Of Fascism

Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, has divided and conquered the Republican Party with his trademark persona of narcissistic oligarchy. Election 2016 has so far been a proscenium arch under which Trump’s bewildering presidential campaign has pantomimed in slapstick a legitimate presidential campaign.

Trump is a public service clown, one who speaks with the nuance of a third-grader and gives speeches sounding like book reports on books he didn’t read. A Trump presidency threatens to be one of the most epic wing-its in history. We can imagine how it will pan out.

For starters, melancholic props to Trump for already vowing to sue any journalistic critics who expose his fraudulent politics or mockery of public service. Is he publicly planning for state-sponsored media? Classic fascist move.

And what about after his election? What will Trump’s first 100 days be like? His campaign’s cornerstone—if not the Obama Birther conspiracy—is the promise to deport 11 million Mexicans, and it is ironically fitting that the Treasury is removing President Jackson and the reminder of his Trail of Tears from our money just as Trump campaigns for a new one. Forcible deportation is of course another textbook fascist move.

Meanwhile, Trump plans to build up the military (#3 classic fascist move) while simultaneously passing massive tax cuts in the typical conservative show of economic cognitive dissonance. Trump can wax politic all he’d like with absurd promises to eliminate the debt in only eight years, but tax cuts coupled with spending increases never lower debt. Kansas, Wisconsin, and Louisiana are evident examples of the sham that is contemporary conservatism, and Trump’s vague nationalistic promises tally a #4 classic fascist move. He promises he will win trade deals so much that we will get tired of winning, as if vanity alone fills a resume for POTUS.

It all sounds good, until economists project that his tax plan will add $10-12 trillion to our debt. Yikes. And that’s just from the tax cuts—the military spending will increase it further. Trump will pay for militarized nationalism with the last communal socialism pennies America can scrounge from the bottom of our New Deal piggy bank.

It is suspicious that Trump would expand the military budget, however, given that Trump plans to withdraw from Middle Eastern wars. Why would he pledge to boost the military if he is calling for isolationist foreign policy? Who will he be using the military against?

Meanwhile, Trump has encouraged violence at his political rallies, even promising to pay the legal fees for supporters who attack protesters: #5 fascist move. His plan to suffocate the First Amendment with litigation suggests it would not be a stretch for him to convince his supporters to intimidate journalists. Trump openly admires Vladimir Putin, no friend to freedom of speech himself. Dictators always respect other dictators.

Donald Trump is truly a fascist, and satire in America is poised to enter a golden, cabaret era. Unfortunately, the satire will be easy because Trump is the epitome of white, male, patrician privilege, and, as such, his populism is fraudulent. It is inconceivable that he could understand what it is like to be poor, or culturally disenfranchised, or legislatively discriminated against; Self-absorption tends to override empathy. Trump legitimately has no idea that he is the narcissistic type of person who should never be President of the United States.

Power to him, I suppose, for having the luck of being born into life-long wealth, and for not bankrupting his giant trust fund, but he doesn’t have to be so Machiavellian about it. The hubris with which Trump lives life is morally disqualifying. Karmic intervention is coming for Trump, and it will not be good for America.

Levi Olson

Levi Olson

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