Of Course, ‘Morning Joe’ Gushes Over Donald Trump’s Ridiculous Foreign Policy Speech

Of Course, ‘Morning Joe’ Gushes Over Donald Trump’s Ridiculous Foreign Policy Speech

I mean, we all knew this was going to happen.

Now that the Republican Party is getting on board with Donald Trump as their nominee, the Morning Joe crew feels it is safe once again to go into full Trump-kissing mode. Following Wednesday’s broadcast where hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were absolutely giddy over The Donald’s big primary wins, the duo devoted a large portion of the three-hour program to lauding the celebrity billionaire for reading a crappy speech off a teleprompter.

At the very beginning of the broadcast, Joe and Mika led a panel discussion on Trump’s big boy foreign policy speech that he delivered the previous day in Washington. Right off the bat, political hack Mark Halperin took the media to task for largely excoriating the speech, which he felt was serious and showed a true direction — AMERICA FIRST! (It should be mentioned that Halperin LURVS him some Donald.)

From there, it just got worse. Mika put on her serious face — you know the one — and wanted to know why so many journalists were ripping it. Foreign policy adviser Richard Haass felt it was a perfectly acceptable speech and revealed a certain approach that Trump would take to foreign policy. Joe, of course, weighed in, projecting much more gravitas on the speech than it rightly deserved.

At one point, panelist Katty Kay pointed out that there were tons of contradictions and a real lack of specifics in the speech, and he has been pushed to provide that for a while now. However, Joe didn’t really see a problem, because Trump exudes strength, just like Ronald GOD Reagan, and that just by saying we’ll win, that’s pretty much enough at this point.

Eventually, they showed a couple of Congressional Republicans reacting favorably to the speech, which led to an exchange where co-host Willie Geist pointed out that Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) liked it. Mika couldn’t contain her excitement over Corker’s approval, blurting out “Someone we respect!” Meanwhile, Joe just sumgly told the panel that Trump is flexible and a “work in progress,” and it will all come together lickety-split.

To end the discussion, Joe Trump-splained the former reality TV star’s vision, just so everyone got that Donald Trump is going to be JUST FINE holding the nuclear codes and dealing with foreign leaders. Don’t you worry. #TRUMP2016!

Below is video of the first segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


Justin Baragona

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