Joe Scarborough On Donald Trump: “He’s So Flexible, He’s Like Prince, A Shape-Shifter”

Joe Scarborough On Donald Trump: “He’s So Flexible, He’s Like Prince, A Shape-Shifter”

The morning after the world was driven into mourning by the loss of perhaps the greatest pop musician that ever lived, cable news pundits went right to work shoehorning Prince’s death into their political commentary. And, topping the list of ‘hot takes’ was one Joe Scarborough.

Discussing how celebrity billionaire and rogue guinea pig Donald Trump has made the shift to being more ‘presidential’ and moderating his positions (MmmmKay), Scarborough made sure to let the rest of his Morning Joe cohorts know just how much like Prince the Trumpster really was. After rich dumb guy Donny Deutsch and Sarah Palin victim Nicolle Wallace gave their super insightful opinions on the Trump campaign, JoeScar gave us this piece of brilliance:

“And by the way. I’ll give you the last point in a second, but just on this other point where you said he’s so flexible, he’s like Prince, a shape-shifter, New York Times top left, election 2016, “Trump’s views on gay issues set him apart on the GOP.” I mean, Trump on social issues, on Planned Parenthood, when he was in the middle of the fight in South Carolina, it wasn’t like he was hiding things. And so Hillary is going to be up against a guy that not only says we’re not going to cut Social Security, I’m with you on social issues. And by the way, we’re going to kill ISIS in two weeks.”

Yeah, OK, Joe. Whatever you say, Joe. Whatever you need to do to make sure Donald knows you and him are still tight.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:


Justin Baragona

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