Bill O’Reilly: People Calling My Forehead Tattoo Comments Racist Are The Real Racists

Bill O’Reilly: People Calling My Forehead Tattoo Comments Racist Are The Real Racists

Last week, Fox News host and turkey-necked fake war correspondent Bill O’Reilly forgot to use his dog whistle and got caught saying some outwardly racist things about African-Americans. Being Bill O’Reilly, he used his Monday night broadcast to not only double down on his claim that poor blacks are “ill-educated and have tattoos on their foreheads,” but he essentially said everyone who found his comments racist are the real racists. The “race hustlers,” if you will.

During his ‘Talking Points’ segment, Papa Bear immediately went after Al Sharpton, because who else are you going to target when it comes to the black community, right?

“When Al Sharpton and his grievance lobby assert that black Americans are oppressed by a racist system bent on hurting them, he provides an excuse for a litany of apathetic and destructive behaviors. The kids struggling in a bad school, with parents who don’t care, needs all the encouragement, leadership can give him or her. Not a list of historical atrocities that can cause even more bitterness for the child. The cold fact is very few political people are willing to address vexing problems by telling you the truth.”

So, now that we are clear that Sharpton is wholly responsible for race issues in America, what public figure should we look towards to make America better, or perhaps, y’know, great again?

“When I asked Mr. Trump how he would combat a culture among some African-Americans that scorns conventional behavior, he replied that job growth would take care of it.”

Did you hear that, Ill-Educated Tattooed Black Person? Trump will get you jobs! But, you need to listen to Bill-O on how you to better prepare yourself for all these jobs that The Donald will rain over your community. For only O’Reilly has the answers for what ails the inner-city. And why is that? Well, he’s apparently walked the beat himself.

“Now, the race hustlers who apparently have not walked the streets of poor neighborhoods lately, immediately accused me of racism. And that is why the acute problem of cultural deprivation among under classed children of all colors is never addressed. The smear merchants hammer anyone who does so. It’s beyond disgraceful that powerful people look away from the real problem.”

Bill does appreciate that Trump will give jobs to THE BLACKS. However, he doesn’t think his billionaire friend fully understands just how lazy black people really are because of Sharpton and liberals giving away so much free stuff. So it is laid upon the Falafel King’s feet to single-handedly fix the black community.

“Mr. Trump is noble in his intent to create jobs and train Americans to do them. But that will require more than trade deals and rhetoric. It will require a cultural change in many working class and poor precincts. If you reject the conventional road to success, education and hard work, you’ll fail in our capitalistic system, no matter what kind of outlandish promises Bernie Sanders makes. It’s all about personal responsibility and motivation. And who is preaching that message? Who?

The truth is that individual motivation is being destroyed by phony politicians seeking power, by promising an endless series of entitlements to a population that’s moving away from achievement and into the gimme zone. Gimme, gimme, gimme. Until that deep cultural flaw is exposed, until the phonies, race hustlers and corporate greed heads are called out, we’ll continue to see big lies spouted by political deceivers and enabled by a gutless media. God help America, and that’s the memo.”

Remember, kids. The people offended by a guy saying blacks are dumbass foreheads tattoo-wearers who constantly have their hands out saying “Gimme!” are the real racists.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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