‘Morning Joe’ Just Can’t Stop Talking About Hillary Clinton’s Voice

‘Morning Joe’ Just Can’t Stop Talking About Hillary Clinton’s Voice

You’d think that after all the grief Joe Scarborough and the Morning Joe panel has taken over the comments they’ve made about Hillary Clinton’s voice and tone, they’d shy away from a discussion of that subject going forward.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

During a Tuesday panel discussion, the MJ crew once again talked and talked and talked about Clinton’s voice. However, this time around, the majority of the panelists, including Joe, were paying Hillary compliments about her delivery and tone. It appeared that they felt that the criticisms they’d made in the past weeks and months were heeded, and the former Secretary of State had softened her tone to a more acceptable level.

JoeScar started things off by discussing a couple of recent clips of Hillary speaking. After playing the clips of Clinton reacting to recent comments from Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, Scarborough remarked that this was “Hillary Clinton at her best.” See, Clinton was measured and soft-spoken, much better than the times she shouted, screamed and didn’t smile.

Both Mika Brzezinski and Nicolle Wallace pointed out that Hillary was using “good delivery,” and that it made her comments more powerful because she was even-tempered and calm. Eventually, Wallace noted that this was definitely a “gender thing” and that we don’t hear anyone call of Bernie or Donald Trump to change up their tone or voice. Mika’s response — Sanders¬†and Trump don’t need to. I guess just Hillary, cause you know, woman.

Anyway, they wrapped up the segment with Scarborough giving his Stamp of Approval, letting Hillary know that this is how she should be speaking.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


Justin Baragona

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