Donald Trump: I Can’t Act More Presidential Because It Would Be “Boring As Hell”

Donald Trump: I Can’t Act More Presidential Because It Would Be “Boring As Hell”

Well, if you were wondering if current GOP Presidential frontrunner and former Wrestlemania participant Donald Trump had learned any lessons from his no good very bad week, wonder no longer.

Despite seeing his negative ratings among women, minorities and young voters soar in recent days following a whole slew of bad press and terrible decisions, the celebrity billionaire told supporters at a campaign rally in Wisconsin on Monday that he’s going to continue to act “unpresidential,” at least for the time being.

From Politico’s article:

“I can be presidential, but if I was presidential I would only have — about 20 percent of you would be here because it would be boring as hell, I will say,” Trump told supporters during a rally in Superior, Wisconsin.

The New York billionaire asked the crowd if he could be “unpresidential” a bit longer and warned that he may be “a little bit unpresidential” in a general election fight against Hillary Clinton.

He also pointed out that he’d beat Hillary “so bad” and that he hasn’t even really started on Clinton yet. Currently, RealClearPolitics has Clinton holding a 10.8-point lead against Trump in an average of recent general election polls. Since the beginning of March, he hasn’t come closer than six points down in any major national poll.

As for Wisconsin, most recent polls have Ted Cruz comfortably up on Trump, with RCP showing a 4.1-point average lead for the Texas Senator. Besides the slate of unforced errors from the Trump camp recently, the former reality TV star has had to contend with a strong #NeverTrump movement among conservatives and Governor Scott Walker — a former White House hopeful himself — endorsing Cruz.

Justin Baragona

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